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June 27, 2011
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WorldCreationGuide p.6a by Charanty WorldCreationGuide p.6a by Charanty
Credits for pictures go to:
and almighty Google.

Part 6 - Races and relationships between them.

This was theory. Practice will be next.

Added a little about gender discrimination. But about this we will talk in other parts.

Little Introduction:

I need to say that creation of a believable world is a hard thing. It took me several years and a lot of research to understand how it should be done. But fear not! I'm going to share what i've learned with you.
So why world creation is so important? Let's start from a fact that your characters doesn't just sit/run/do something else in the middle of nowhere. BAD or POORLY WRITTEN setting will kill your story even if the plot is good. Also remember that sooner or later your readers would like to learn about world of your character(s) so you must be prepared to answer their questions.
If you have some question - feel free to ask.

World creation guide will include next parts:
1. genre - [link]
2. world type - [link]
3. physics - part A: [link] , part B: [link]
4. climate/terrain - [link]
5. flora/fauna - Part A: [link] ; Part B: [link] ; Part C: [link] ; Part D: [link]
6. race(s) (including relationships with other races and inside one race) - Part A: You are here; Part B: [link] ; Part C: Part C: [link]
7. culture (including relationship with an environment, daily life, language, gesture and etc) Part A: [link] Part B: [link] ; Part C: [link] ; Part D: [link] ; Part E: [link] ; Part F: [link] ; Part G - [link] Part H: [link]
8. education
9. architecture
10. religion (or lack of it)
11. technology (science and etc.)
12. a bit of economics (money and etc)
13. political structure (government and etc)
14. jurisprudence (system of laws since they aren't always related to culture).
+ Common mistakes and bad ideas from all parts will also be included.

World Creation Guide (C) Me, :iconcharanty:
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No one has pure black skin.
I'm not sure, what do you mean? Skin section clearly says that darkest skin colour is "ebony". It sure is very very dark but it's not pure black.
Ebony means black, and no one has that skin.
*facepalm* See this lady: [link] and these people: [link]? Their skin is described as "ebony". Ebony is not only "black" but also a colour of a black wood, which isn't always purely black.
cohra Jun 28, 2011  Student General Artist
Hah.. I think I might be in love with your tutorials ;D They're GREAT! And so picturefully illustrated <3 Thanks for all the effort you make Q_Q *hugs tightly 'cause of overwhelmed-being*

..I'm usually not THAT crazy, sorry. (:
Thanks a lot) I'm really glad that you like them.
*hugs back*
cohra Jun 28, 2011  Student General Artist
You're welcome :dummy:
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