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May 14, 2011
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WorldCreationGuide p4 by Charanty WorldCreationGuide p4 by Charanty
Part 4 - climate and terrain
This one was a pure headache because i have no idea what you used to study at geography lessons at school and what you didn't.

Knowledge comes mostly from my geography text book + thanks to Wiki for helping me with the correct translation of many terms and for some pictures. Thanks to Google for another half of pictures.

Little Introduction:

I need to say that creation of a believable world is a hard thing. It took me several years and a lot of research to understand how it should be done. But fear not! I'm going to share what i've learned with you.
So why world creation is so important? Let's start from a fact that your characters doesn't just sit/run/do something else in the middle of nowhere. BAD or POORLY WRITTEN setting will kill your story even if the plot is good. Also remember that sooner or later your readers would like to learn about world of your character(s) so you must be prepared to answer their questions.
If you have some question - feel free to ask.

World creation guide will include next parts:
1. genre - [link]
2. world type - [link]
3. physics - part A: [link] , part B: [link]
4. climate/terrain - you are here
5. flora/fauna - part A: [link] Part B: [link] Part C: [link]; Part D: [link]
6. race(s) (including relationships with other races and inside one race) - Part A: [link] ; Part B: [link] ; Part C: [link]
7. culture (including relationship with an environment, daily life, language, gesture and etc) Part A: [link] Part B: [link] ; Part C: [link] ; Part D: [link] ; Part E: [link] ; Part F: [link] ; Part G - [link] Part H: [link]
8. education
9. architecture
10. religion (or lack of it)
11. technology (science and etc.)
12. a bit of economics (money and etc)
13. political structure (government and etc)
14. jurisprudence (system of laws since they aren't always related to culture).
+ Common mistakes and bad ideas from all parts will also be included.

World Creation Guide (C) Me, :iconcharanty:
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IndigoOfTheHeavens Apr 2, 2014  Student General Artist
I can't read it. :( Even in the download it won't let me see it. :(
I just checked - I don't know where is the problem.  Sorry.

Maybe you should try again later?
IndigoOfTheHeavens Apr 3, 2014  Student General Artist
Now it works for me! :) Must've been a temporary bug. :)
Good description of normal climates and terrain formation, but you could add a section about subterranean and submarine environments (in case a person's world involves cave or water dwellers).
Ah...I haven't thought of that! Thanks for an idea!
I'm not very good at geography either and we haven't learnt these at school yet...I know from your tutorial that there can be a lush India on one side of the Himalayas and a barren snowy desert on the other side, but I still have doubts about my story's terrain. On one side of the Dragonspine Mountains is a lush Brightorri, and the other side is Schouveia. It's colder in Northern Brightorri, and the Dragonspine Mountains are pretty rough, with rocky mountains and only some scrubby dark green vegetation. As it gets deeper into the mountains, the peaks stick higher into the air and they have some snow, which melts and becomes a river, but it doesn't have a lot of water. In Southern Schouveia, it's pretty cold and they sometimes have summer snows since it's highland, and in Central Schouveia, it isn't quite as cold because it's lowland. Does it make sense?
(Probably doesn't. :P)
India is lush and green because it's a) in the south b) near big warm ocean
Mongolia on the other hand is a) in the north b)far from the ocean c) is separated from warm winds of Indian ocean by Himalayas and d) is opened to cold winds that come from Siberia.

River may start as a small one but it will grow during its journey to the plains.See Ganges.

Mmm.. Not exactly understand about Schouveia. Is it all in the mountains or only partly?
Schouveia is partly in the mountains.
How high are the mountains (approximately at least)?
Also -this is important- are they equally high from all directions?
And is the plain part in the north/east/west/south? And where are the oceans and how far they are situated from the country?
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